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Electric Fence Energiser B/12 5km dual power supply 12V (battery) / 220V electric fences electric fencing ELECTRIFIERS + solar panel EXTRASTRONG Gemi Elettronica

Electric Fence Energiser

dual power supply 12V (battery) / 220V Solar Powered 5 km

for electric fences electric fencing ELECTRIFIERS

+ solar panel B/12  for animals wild boar dogs cows horses pigs hens



  • Gemi Elettronica Electric Fence Energiser 12 Volts Solar Powered 5 km for electric fences electric fencing ELECTRIFIERS + solar panel. Compared to other battery-powered models, the B12 is also designed to operate on current, thanks to the power supply that we supply.
  • Electric fence, electrified fence powered by 12V battery (this kit includes a 12V 20W solar panel)
  • The range of this device is 5000 meters of conductive wire - Maximum output 10000 V - 6 Joule. It can be connected to the current thanks to the 220V power supply that we supply.
  • Solar Panel Features 12V 20W: predisposed for an electric protection circuit, in case of battery polarity inversion. Pedestal swiveling in rotation and inclination, with charge regulator included and cable for connection 3 m long.
  • Electric Fence Energiser 12V / 220V Solar Powered for electric fences electric fencing and to protect the garden and vegetable garden from wild animals such as wild boars

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Electric Fence Energiser 12V Battery / 220V

elettrificatore gemi market 12v

Ideal for:

ELECTRIC FENCES powered by 12V (battery) / 220V current
with ideal maximum length of 5 Km

Electric fence energizer, electric fences, electric fences, electrified nets model B / 12 with Gemi Elettronica solar panel


The kit consists of:
1)B / 12 EXTRAFORTE energiser
2)Solar Panel
(Equipped with charge controller and terminals for solar panel connection and 12V battery)

NB: the 12V battery is NOT included in the kit
(12V - 40ah car battery recommended)


1) Connect the energiser to the 12V battery via the terminals.
2) Connect the yellow / green wire to earth.
3) Connect the red wire to the electric wire of the fence.
4) Connect the energiser to the solar panel (using the specific power cable included in the kit)


montaggio elettrificatore gemi market 12 V


Recommended for many animal species:

elettrificatore gemi market ideale per numerose specie di animali

Horses, ponies, steers, cows, sheep, sheep, goats, pigs, chickens, bulls, lambs, deer, roe deer, foxes, wild boars


Economic savings on the energy bill.
One of the lowest on the market!

CAPACITY: Laboratory 50 KM / Royal 5 KM

Under ideal laboratory test conditions, the electrificator can produce electricity for a length of50 km.

Therereal scope however it depends on various parameters:
- quality of the products used in the fence (wire, insulators, poles and earthing)
- presence of vegetation in the area of the fence

Thanks to our forty years of experience, we can say with certainty that our model energiserB / 12 EXTRA-STRONG manages to secure aperfect functioning on fences up to 5 km.


- Voltage: 10000 V
- Absorption: 300 mA
- Power: 6 J
- Pulses per minute: 50
- Weight: 1.15 kg
- Dimensions: 24cm x 25cm x 16.5cm
- iP X4
- Appliance complies with CE regulations
- Built according to the references of the EN 60335-2-76 / Al1 standard


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Since 1983, we have specialized figures in the company for the construction of products for electric fences.

Buying a Gemi Elettronica product means choosing a product fromquality and safe.

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