Chimney Fans

Solve your fireplace draught problems now. Our electric chimney fan extractors will help you improve the draft, making the problem of chimney smoke an old memory.

With Gemi chimney smoke extractors, you will be able to solve any problem related to the escape of smoke ad its dispersion indoors, you will be able to eliminate the unpleasant smell of smoke and allow the chimney to work properly.

All Gemi solutions are designed for any type of house or business,  they suck 100% of the smoke produced by the chimney and are designed to allow a correct regulation of the suction speed, without dissipating heat.

Choose among the various models of chimney fans produced and manufactured by Gemi Elettronica entirely in Italy: Basic model, Professional model and copper chimney pot.

Gemi smoke extractor  is functional and resistant to atmospheric agents and is suitable for any chimney, stove, oven and fireplace.

Since 1983, Gemi smoke extractor is the most sold and positively reviewed chimney extractor in the world.


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