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GATE HANDLE Electric Fence Handle Handle with insulated spring Gemi Elettronica

GATE HANDLE Electric Fence Handle 

Handle with insulated spring 

Gemi Elettronica

  • Gate handle with a compression spring

  • Lightweight and insulated 

  • Used with tape, rope or wire

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GEMI HDL - 007

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Gate handle with a compression spring. 

It is a straighforward, lightweight and insulated, gate handle can be used with tape, rope or wire.

Bolt on Insulators for electric fences electric fencing for animals dogs cows hens Horses Cattle Sheep Goats Pigs.

"Gemi Elettronica" Gate Handle With black hook.

With simple traction spring that allows an easy access to the pasture.


Create access to your pasture with the Gemi gate handles.

The handles are strong and durable thanks to the screwed hook.

The internal spring ensures that the conductive material remains always taut.

The high-voltage resistant plastic with large hand protection ensures a safer use.



Field of application:

Safe access to pasture

Hang on the handle Insulators and the ring insulators




Special features:

Gate handle with screwed hook



reliable and convenient door handle for electric fence

with internal traction spring, simple, Ø 20 mm

high voltage resistant plastic and wide hand protection

handy, practical to handle

galvanized hook and traction spring

UV and weather-resistant



1 Gate handle by Gemi Elettronica, with black hook

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