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Electric fence wire orange string 250 mt - 6 mm² Gemi


ORANGE STRING 250 mt - 6 mm²


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250 meters conductive wire, 6mm square section with  8 conducting wires for electric fence, ideal for large animals such as wild boars.

Intended for:

Creation of a electric fence, thanks to its extreme strength can be used for large animals, such as wild boars.



Brand new and practical defilé system, just make a small opening at the top of the coil and pull out the cable.


  • 250 m electrical cable - 6 mm coil
  • Ideal for cattle, wild boars and horses
  • New system very practical: Just make a small opening on top of the coil and roll it up
  • 8-wire stainless steel - Tensile strength 100 kg - OHM / MT 0.15






SUITABLE FOR: Installing electric fences for wild boars due to its extreme resistance and sturdiness

OPERATION: Brand new practical installation system; just make a small opening at the top of the reel and pull