Energizer Extraforte B12/2 (Full) by Gemi Elettronica Maximize

Energizer Extraforte B12/2 (Full) by Gemi Elettronica

Electric Fence Energizer

B12/2 Extrastrong

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It is the best of its kind and powered by 12 volt rechargeable batteries.
The device is equipped with two batteries.

While the first supplies the fence, the other is recharged on its charger, that way the fence is always supplied.

Intended for:

Creation of a electric fence, in the absence of a 220 V power supply.

The B 12/2 is composed by a Energizer, 2 rechargeable accumulators and a automatic battery charger.

The maximum capacity of this device is 5000 meters of conducting wire.

Note: The battery isn’t included in the KIT, but it is possible to use any 12V battery (for the best results, we recommend using a 12V 40Ah car battery).


The B12/2 works with a 12 Volt power supply.

The presence of two accumulators allows to have a continuous autonomy of the energizer.

While a battery supplies the device, the other is recharged by the charger.


Two 12V Batteries , with carrying case

Energizer B12/2 (12 Volt Supply)

Battery charger