Energizer P10000/E220 by Gemi Elettronica Maximize

Energizer P10000/E220 by Gemi Elettronica

Energizer  for Electric Fence P10000/E220

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Energizer for Electric Fence

The battery has three different powers in order to save energy with small fences.

It is powered either by a 9 volt 90 ah battery or by 220 volt via power supply.

At maximum power, more than 10 hectares of land can be fenced off.
When it is powered at 220 volts it is even more powerful and consumes only 5 watts of electricity power.

Notes: the device is supplied without a 9 volt battery

Intended for:

Creation of a small electric fence.

The P10000 - E/220 has the advantage to have double supply 220 V and occasionally the 9 Volt battery.

The maximum capacity of this appliance is 3/4000 meters of conducting wire.


The P10000 - E/220 works at 220 V, and at 9 V battery not rechargeable, non included.


Energizer P10000 - E/220