Chimney Fans FAQs

What is the difference between the basic and professional model?

The basic model chimney fan has an 3-year warranty and resists up to 300 degrees.

The professional model resists up to 700 degrees (so, even in case of flue fire) and is recommended if you have a flue shorter than 3 meters. In addition, it has a 6-year warranty and sucks up 3800 m³/h instead of 2500 m³/h. It is also fully painted, even at the base.

In addition, we have the professional top-of-the-range copper model, which resists up to 700°, has a 10-year warranty and sucks 3800 m³/h. It has a stainless steel fan and has even more resistance over time. It is entirely painted externally (even at the base) and is, therefore, suitable for those who are looking for more aesthetics.

Discover the detailed characteristics of each single model:
Basic model ->:
Professional model -> ->
Copper model -> ->

Does the chimney fan also suck up heat?

Our electric chimney fan has a 6-speed regulator, just put it at the first or second speed to facilitate the suction of smoke in a natural way, but not of heat.

In short, with the first two speeds, we are not going to alter in any way the normal operation of a chimney, which normally loses a very small amount of heat in the smoke that goes up the flue.

Gemi chimney fan sucks up the smoke that would otherwise go into the house and, therefore, would not produce any heat source for the interior.

It is clear that if the chimney fan was operated at the sixth speed (usually used for the exchange of air in rooms or to facilitate the ignition of the fire or to suck up the ash) with its 2500m³/h (basic) - 3800m³/h (pro), it would be so powerful to suck up even the heat, because it would increase firewood combustion speed and, consequently, reduce the heat partially.

Scientific research has shown that a chimney without a fan disperses more heat than a chimney with a fan, as thanks to mechanical control, the Gemi extractor fan is able to control heat loss.

On the other hand, without the use of a mechanical fan, it is not possible to control the loss of heat. As a result, we have some ups and downs in terms of suction. Studies show that a chimney without the use of a fan loses 30% more heat.

What stated above can be witnessed in the millions of satisfied customers all over the world since 1983 , the year in which the first Gemi chimney fan was created.

What size is the chimney fan?

The base of the electric smoke extractor has a standard size of 43x43 cm, the height is 43cm, without base. With the base, the total height is 60 cm. For more specific sizes, you will find all size details by clicking here:

Is the electric chimney fan a smoke exhaust?

No. The function of the Gemi Elettronica chimney fan is to reproduce the natural draft of the flue, in order to solve the problem of smoke at the fireplace, heater, stove, pellet stove, oven, rotisseries, pizzerias, barbecues or industrial hoods.

Who will install the chimney fan?

There is no need for specialized technicians. The installation of the chimney fan is DIY. Click here to watch the video tutorial for the assembly explaining all the steps for the installation on any shape of flue.

(lien :

If you have problems with the installation of the fan, you can ask for the help of an electrician, a bricklayer or a plumber.
The installation time is one hour maximum.

For any further doubt, you can contact our specialized technicians by phone +39 0287165556 or via e-mail at [email protected]

How many years warranty does the chimney fan have?

The basic model of the chimney fan has a 3-year warranty, while the professional model have a 6-year warranty and the copper one have a 10-year warranty.

I have a flue larger than 43 cm, can I still install the chimney fan?

Yes, the electric chimney fan with square base is equipped with adjustable brackets, in square or rectangular shape, with sizes ranging from a minimum of 20x20 cm to a maximum of 43x43 cm. If the outlet of the flue is more than 43x43 cm, it will be enough to place the fan on the masonry and fix it on the 4 corners with 4 Fischer screws vertically on the masonry. Here are some installations made by our customers in case of installations on flues larger than 43 cm:

How can I choose the right chimney fan according to the diameter of my round flue?

We provide adapters for round flues, from 10 cm to 43 cm maximum. To order the adapter, simply select the fan with round base and choose in the drop-down menu the size of the adapter you wish to purchase.

You have to consider the outside diameter because our flue adapter fits outside of its outlet. If the flue has an external diameter of 25 cm, you will have to select the 25 cm chimney adapter in the drop-down menu.

We will provide you with a slightly wider adapter so that it will fit perfectly.

I have a square flue with a pipe inside, which model do you advise me to buy?

If you have a square flue with a pipe of the same height as the masonry, you must first close the gap between pipe and masonry and then install the chimney fan directly on the masonry.

If the pipe is only a few cm high, you have to bring the pipe flush with the masonry.

In this situation, you have to buy the model of chimney fan with square base, also adjustable for rectangular flue.

Can I install the fan inside a chimney pot?

Yes, you can, but you have to consider the size of the chimney fan. The installation of the chimney fan can be carried out 2 ways:

removing the chimney pot hat and then installing the chimney fan

inserting the chimney fan inside the chimney pot, ordering the fan without hat (asking directly by phone to our specialized technicians calling +39 0287165556 or by e-mail at [email protected])

Where should the fan regulator be installed?

The chimney fan regulator should be connected to the 220 V power supply and can be installed in any area. It is important that it is not placed near heat sources.

Indeed, inside the fan regulator, there is a transformer that works at high temperatures.

Is it possible to run the cable through the flue?

Yes, using our special cable resistant to high temperatures. (cable covered with flexible steel sheath with silicone insulated cable inside, certified to work at very high temperatures) You can buy it directly by clicking here:

Example of cable use :

How long can I leave the chimney fan on?

There is no time limit. The chimney fan can work even all day, without any problem. It is designed to work without any problem even for consecutive days.

At what distance from the flame should the fan be placed?

The professional chimney fan can be installed at any height, even on 1 m high flues. On the other hand, the basic model of the chimney fan is recommended for flues higher than 3 meters (due to the high temperatures reached under 3 meters).

If the power is out, and the chimney fan cuts out, does it block the smoke outlet?

No, the chimney fan, when off, does not obstruct the normal smoke escape. For this reason, it is possible to start up the chimney fan even in certain situations, for example when the stove door is raised or in case of strong winds

If it rains, does water seep inside the fan?

No, the base of the chimney fan has a mount to prevent water seepage in the event of rain.

I recently purchased the chimney fan, when I turn it on at 1 speed it does not work, why?

Don't worry, your chimney fan is working regularly. The chimney fan is designed in this way to ensure the normal running-in of the internal bearings. Initially, once assembled, to turn on the chimney fan, you have to position the regulator at high speed, after a few minutes you can adjust it, bringing it to low speed.

This mode of use must be followed only for the first month, afterwards it will turn on at lower speeds.

Does the chimney fan solve the problem even in case of strong wind?

Of course, our chimney fan is very suitable in case of strong wind and can solve the problem of smoke without any doubt. Here is a video review of one of our customers:

Can it be installed on a round flue?

Yes, we provide adapters for round flues, from 10 cm to 43 cm maximum. To order the adapter, simply select the fan with round base and choose in the drop-down menu the size of the adapter you wish to purchase.

You have to consider the outside diameter because our flue adapter fits outside of its outlet. If the flue has an external diameter of 25 cm, you will have to select the 25 cm chimney adapter in the drop-down menu.

We will provide you with a slightly wider adapter so that it will fit perfectly.

Discover the detailed characteristics of each single model:

Basic model for round flue ->

Professional model for round flue ->

Copper model for round flue ->

Can it be installed on a very high round flue?

Yes, thanks to the suction power of the chimney fan, there is no problem even on flues over 50 meters.

We invite you to watch the video reviews of our satisfied customers:

How should the electrical connection from the cable coming out of the fan to the speed regulator (supplied with the fan) be made?

The electrical connection can be made in two ways: with a simple FG7 3 x 1.5 rubberized outdoor cable (to be routed outside the flue to the speed regulator) in order to extend the first meter attached to the chimney fan.

Otherwise, you can run the cable inside the flue, using our high temperature resistant cable.

You can buy it directly by clicking here:

Example of cable use:

Is the chimney fan noisy?

No. The chimney fan is silent at any speed. Obviously, when set to speed 6, the fan performs more than 1300 revolutions per minute, so there is a slight noise. However, to solve the issue of smoke, the fan should be used at low speeds, from speed 1 to speed 3 maximum. At these speeds, the sound pressure does not exceed 38 Db, i.e. zero noise.

How much electricity does a chimney fan use?

The consumption is really minimal, maximum 10 € per year. This is thanks to a particular study on the motor of the chimney fan, designed by Gemi Elettronica technicians, which allows a minimum absorption.

How much does the chimney fan weigh?

The weight of the chimney fan, excluding the speed regulator, is about 20 kg.

Could I have the technical data sheet of the chimney fans?

Here is the technical data sheet for our chimney fans.

Basic model chimney fan: Professional / copper model chimney fan:

Electric Fence FAQs

What is the electric fence for?

The electric fence is used to keep wild animals such as wild boars, deer, foxes, etc. away. The purpose of electric fences is to protect the area from unpleasant invasions. It is also used to contain animals such as cows, sheep, pigs etc. inside fences. It has nothing to do with hunting. We have all the legal certificates to make and sell electric fences. This is the only legal solution for those who want to protect their plantations.

Is the electric fence dangerous for people?

The electric fence for animals is not dangerous for people or animals..

Gemi electric fences comply with the 60635-2-76 regulation signed by the Italian Electrotechnical Committee (Comitato Elettrotecnico Italiano) specific for electric fences, which establishes the values to abide by.

What do I need for an electric fence for boars and other animals?

To build an electric fence for animals you need: an energiser for fences that carries electricity to the fence, an energised wire conductor and insulators for electric fences screwed onto the posts to hold the wire.

You can find all products and accessories in the specific section:

What wire conductor is recommended for wild boars?

For wild boar, the 6 mm² wire conductor is suitable for wild boar and large animals..

It has a tensile strength up to 100kg, 8 wire conductors and dispersion of 0.15 ohm/mt.

You can buy it directly by clicking here:

The 6 mm² wire is the electric fence wire suitable for wild boar, or should I buy the polytape?

The 6mm² wire conductor is suitable for wild boar and large animals.

It has a tensile strength up to 100kg, 8 wire conductors and dissipation of 0.15 ohm/mt.

You can buy it directly by clicking here:

On the other hand, polytape is suitable for electric fences for horses because it is thicker and more visible than the wire.

What wire conductor is recommended for horses?

For horses, polytape is recommended, because it is wide and very visible.

You can buy it directly by clicking here:

I have to make a fence, which wire do you recommend?

The 2,2 mm² thick wire conductor is suitable for small animals and small electric fences. E.g: Sheep, goats, porcupines, rabbits, wolves, dogs, cats, chickens, foxes, peacocks, turkeys, hares, moles, badgers, weasels, squirrels.

The 4 mm² thick wire conductor is suitable for medium-large animals.

E.g: Breeding pigs, fallow deer, etc.. The 6mm² thick electric wire for fences, having a current leakage of 0.15 ohm/mt, allows you to fence several km, and is suitable for large animals.

E.g: Wild boars, deer, cows, mouflons, bears, etc...

What comes in the fence energiser package?

The E220 model with 220 V provides: grounding cable and cable with tweezers to be connected to the fence. With the B12/2 model operating on rechargeable battery + 220 V, we provide a 220 V power supplier, cables for connection to the car battery (positive and negative), a grounding cable and a cable with tweezers to be connected on the fence.

How to ground the electric fence? How many posts should be placed in the ground?

Grounding is a fundamental thing for the operation of the electric fence for animals, so we recommended to do it properly.

In order to have the total discharge of current from the energiser, it is necessary to ground 3 1 m galvanized posts.

They must be placed 3 m away, 80 cm in the ground (wet) and 20 cm outside, to be then connected with the green and yellow cable.

Together with the electric fence, we provide only 1 m of cable that must be connected to the first post.

We recommend to do it where there is vegetation, so a damp ground. Parched land is not conductive. According to tests, placing 3 posts in any type of ground, you will not have any problem with the functionality.

If you place a single post, the perceived current power will be less than its capacity and the animals will be able to cross the fence.

How long does a battery for the portable energiser last, and which one should I use?

For a B12/2 energiser, it is enough to use a 12V 40Ah car battery. If there is no dissipation within the electric fence, battery life is about 10/12 days. Otherwise, the battery life is reduced by several days.

How many wires and at what distance should I put the wires of the electric fence?

The number of wires and the distance inside the electric fence depends on the size of the animal. . Here is an approximate diagram that dispels any doubt:

Electricity is a bit far from the electric fence for animals, what should I do?

If the electricity is far away from the electric fence, we have the high voltage cable which can operate outside or underground, without discharging. With this cable, you can bring electricity to the fence without any leakage. The electric fence cable can also be used to connect 2 fences, then connecting one end to a first fence and the other end to a second fence, when there is little distance between one fence and the other. Buy it directly here:

What is the maximum distance of use of the high-voltage electric cable for fences?

The thickness of an electric cable for fences is 3 mm; it can be used for more than 100 m, but to avoid current leakage, it is recommended to use it for a maximum length of 30 - 40 m. In case it is longer, we recommend to use the wire by air..

How to make the junctions to the wire conductor for electric fences?

The junction between the two ends should be made by separating the plastic part and the metal part.

Join the two metal parts of the wires, otherwise the simple knot will create a high current leakage with the consequent interruption of the passage of electrical current.

How to lay the wire inside the electric fence insulator?

The laying of the wire must be done without wrapping 360 degrees around the insulator (the so-called "dead turn") by laying the wire in a linear manner. This allows to avoid that the wire can increase or decrease the traction on the posts, using the special tensioners and balancing springs.

How can I see if there is current on the fence?

You can use the special tools available on the market ...however, it is possible to check if there is current on the electric fence for animals even without the use of a specific tool; using a simple wooden post, you can bring the wire to the ground checking the spark.

What do the flashing lights on the electric fence energiser mean?

The warning lights flashing alternately on the electric fence energiser show the correct operation of the equipment.

Can an energiser be placed outdoors?

The energiser cannot be placed outdoors. It must be kept indoors to prevent damage due to weather.

Commercial FAQs

What are the shipping times?

For Italy, delivery is expected in 2/4 working days from the date the order is placed by express courier.

In Europe, delivery times are between 4 and 7 working days.

In the rest of the world, delivery times are between 5 and 10 working days.

What are the shipping costs?

For Italy and the European Union, shipping is free for products in the chimney fan category.
For fences, shipping in Italy is free from 99 €, while in the EU, the cost is 19.90 € up to 20 kg.
In case of purchase of electric fence products shipped in the European Union weighing over 20 kg, the shipping cost will be quoted directly in the cart.

What are the payment methods?

Payment can be made by:

⦁ Credit or debit card (also prepaid cards)

⦁ ⦁ Bank transfer (in this case, the shipping time will be longer, as we have to wait to see the payment before shipping)

Cash on delivery (paying cash to the courier at the time of delivery) Important: Cash on delivery is not valid as payment in all countries.

⦁ PayPal.

How to track the order?

When the shipment is prepared, the customer will receive the tracking number via e-mail to track the shipment. Don't worry, you will be updated via email at all stages of delivery of your package.

Where is your headquarters?

Gemi Elettronica is an Italian company since 1983. Our headquarters is in Viale Monza, Milan, while our production site is located in Francavilla In Sinni.

Are you the manufacturing company or retailers?

Since 1983, Gemi Elettronica has manufactured and sold chimney fans and products for electric fences to private individuals and retailers. We design, manufacture and resell our products directly. For you, it means having the best quality at the lowest price.

How does the return policy for the chimney fan work?

Since 1983, we have manufactured and sold Gemi chimney fans and the return percentage is 0.05 % of total orders.

Despite these data, you may think that our product does not suit your needs...

Don't worry, you won't have to give us any explanation. You are entitled to FREE RETURN with the MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for 100 days. We will collect the product at your home at our expense.

What to do if I encounter problems with the product I have purchased?

For any problem, please contact Gemi Elettronica customer service.

Technical support available by telephone on +39 0287165556.
Email address: [email protected]

Do you have problems placing the order?

If you can't confirm the order because the site states that the data entered is incorrect, try to delete everything and enter the data again. Or close the page and reopen it.

Do the same thing if you have problems with the payment. If you are unable in any way to confirm your order, send an email to [email protected] or call +39 0287165556,specifying the problem you are experiencing. You will receive an answer in maximum 12 hours and we will find the best solution together.