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  • Certified Product according to law
  • Technical values verified by the unibas university
    (by Prof. E. Nino of the Dept. of Engineering and Physics of the Environment)
  • Single-phase Gemi class H motor resists 700 C°
  • Suction of 3800 M³ /h
  • 6 years warranty
  • 6-speed regulator (Autotransformer)
  • Robust anti-volatile protection grid in electrowelded steel rings (compliant with UNI ISO 13857)
  • Motor cap in dark copper epoxy powder coated sheet metal with hammered effect
  • Produced since 1983
  • Free return for 100 days
  • Factory price (Without intermediaries)
  • Verified reviews on


Square / rectangular base

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Professional Model - Square / rectangular flue

Fireplace, Thermo fireplace, Thermo stove, Wood stove, Pellet stove, Wood oven, Pizzeria, Restaurant, Barbecue, Steakhouse, Industrial hoods

20 reasons to install the Extractor Fan Chimney

How to mount it?

Test: chimney fire

Chimney Fan Fireplace Exhaust Fan Gemi Elettronica Professional Model, how it's done?


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Motor cover hat in sheet metalepoxy powder coated with dark copper color with hammered effect guarantee of resistance over time to atmospheric agents.

Protection grid robust against birds (according to the standardUNI ISO 13857) made of electrowelded steel rings.

Adjustable bracket kit for any square or rectangular flue from20x20 cm a 43x43 cm

In the case of a chimney of more than 43 cm, mount the fan directly on the flue with 4 Fischer screws placed on the 4 sides of the lower bracket of the fan

What are the differences with the basic model?

The high temperature painting in copper color gives the chimney fan an antique look and attention to detail.

The engine, entirely produced by Gemi Elettronica in class H is resistant to high temperatures, it does not contain plastic parts, in fact the condenser is housed in a small box away from heat sources.

The professional model, as opposed to the basic one,
therefore, it does not meet the fusion of the motor and the condenser,even in the event of a prolonged fire, UNIQUE IN ITS KIND

Resists up to 700 C°  instead of 300 C °

Has a guarantee of 6 YEARS, instead of 3.

Entirely painted externally
(for aesthetic reasons and to increase the duration of years)

Ideal for:

Fireplace, Thermo fireplace, Thermo stove, Wood stove, Pellet stove, Wood oven, Pizzeria, Restaurant, Barbecue, Steakhouse, Industrial hoods

Why install the Chimney Caps extractor?

  1. Solving the smoke problem 100% guaranteed.
  2. Does not aspirate heat, but only the smoke of your fireplace.
  3. Extremely quiet, even at high speeds.
  4. Low power consumption, maximum € 10 per year of consumption.
  5. Easy to assemble too DO-IT-YOURSELF (follow the video tutorial).
  6. Universal, for all flue pipes (also round).
  7. Down by 70% the accumulation of soot in the chimney.
  8. Can also be used in summer, for the natural change of air.
  9. With 6-speed regulator.
  10. It does not require maintenance over the years.
  11. Even when turned off does not hinder the normal release of smoke.
  12. Can be used as a blower for the initial lighting of the fireplace.
  13. When cleaning the chimney ash, it avoids the dispersion of the same in the environment.
  14. Completely reduces the inhalation of carcinogenic fumes that come out of the chimney.
  15. The product return percentage is 0.05% (5/1000)
  16. 100 % MADE IN ITALY: patented by our company in 1983, it is still today produced in Italy.

Shipping and delivery times?

Delivery takes place in 4-6 days in Europeis
5-10 days all over the world FREE SHIPPING in the European Union, € 49 Extra Ue.

How can I pay?

Is there a possibility of return?

Since 1983 we are producers and retailers of Gemi e the% return on total orders is 0.05%.
Despite these details, you may feel that you don't like our product ...

Quiet, you won't have to give us any explanation.
You are entitled to FREE RETURNwith the formula

Does the electric smoke extractor have a guarantee?

The electric smoke extractor has one WARRANTY of 6 YEARS its ALL (structure and electrical part)

Do you have any verified reviews?

after thousands of reviews on verified purchases,
we reached the first place in the world in the categoryACCESSORIES FOR CHIMNEYS.
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brand names

Product certified according to law

Technical values verified by Unibas University

Gemi class H engine (withstands 700 C °)

Suction of 3800 M³ / h

6-speed regulator (Autotransformer)

Produced since 1983

6 year warranty

Free return for 100 days

Factory price (without intermediaries)

Verified Reviews for Trustpilot

Robust anti-volatile protection grid (compliant with UNI ISO 13857 standard) made of electrowelded steel rings.

Motor cap in dark copper epoxy powder coated sheet metal with hammered effect.

The most sold model in the world

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