Chimney Fan for Fireplace Professional Model (110V USA Version) by Gemi Elettronica Maximize

Chimney Fan for Fireplace Professional Model (110V USA Version) by Gemi Elettronica

Chimney Fan for Fireplace Professional Model (110V USA Version)

This model only works at 110V

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Withstands up to 700° C


If you have a round chimney without coating in external masonry, during the purchase, please indicate in the comments field the diameter of the tube.


Ideal for:

Fireplaces, Stoves, Ovens, Heaters, Rotisseries, Pizzerias, Barbecues and Industrial Hoods.

The high temperature copper painting provides to the chimney fan an antique look, with attention to detail.

The engine, entirely produced by Gemi Elettronica in class H withstands high temperatures, doesn’t contain any plastic part.

The condenser is located in a box far from heat sources.

The professional model, differently from the basic one, in the event of prolonged fire, has no risk of melting down of the engine or the condenser.


Compared to the Basic Model:

Withstands up to 700° C, instead of 300° C

Has a warranty of 15 Years, instead of 8 years

Entirely externally painted (for aestetic reasons and to increase the duration over the years)


Why should you install GEMI ELETTRONICA’s chimney fan?

  1. Guaranteed solution to all smoking problems.
  2. It doesn’t draw heat, only the smoke from your chimney.
  3. It is very quiet, even at high temperatures.
  4. Low energy consumption, only 10€ per year.
  5. Easy to assemble also DIY (you can watch the video tutorials).
  6. Universal – For all type of chimney shafts (even round).
  7. Soot deposited in the chimney shaft is decreased by 70% .
  8. It can also be used in the summer, for the air circulation in the house.
  9. It can be set at 6 different speeds.
  10. It doesn’t need any maintenance, during the years.           
  11. The normal emission of smoke isn't obstructed by the fan.
  12. It can be used as a blower for the initial ignition of the flame.
  13. It prevents the dispersion of the ashes in the house during the cleaning of the fireplace.
  14. Get rid of any inhalation of cancerous smokes coming out from the chimney.
  15. The percentage of the returned products is only the 0.05% (5/10000).
  16. The Chimney is 100% Made in Italy: Patended by our company in 1983 and certified according to the law.


Shipping and delivery times to the US

Shipping cost to the US: 39 €

Delivery time: 5 – 7 working days.


How can you pay?

Paypal – bank transfer


Is there a possibility of the return of goods?

If our products doesn’t satisfy you, you don’t need to give us any explanation.

You are entitled of FREE RETURN with the formula MONEY BACK GUARANTEED for 100 days


Does the chimney have a warranty?

The chimney fan has a 15 years warranty on each component


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